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Price Increases-Brass Door Furniture & Window Furniture

February 28, 2011

written by Vicki Bale

Brass Door Knobs are going up in price!


Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, the proportions vary according to the end use, but basic brass is normally around 2/3 copper to 1/3 zinc. The worldwide price of copper rose by 30% during 2010 and has continued its rapid rise into 2011. It is predicted to rise further during 2011. See the copper price graph below.

Price inflation has been caused by supplies failing to keep up with demand, with demand in China and other emerging markets in Asia driving this.

We are sorry to have to pass these increases on in difficult times but as you can see the situation is beyond our or our manufacturers’ control.

Increases will apply to all Nickel Door Furniture, Door Knobs, Door Handles and Door Knockers and window fittings. Nickel is plated over solid brass and in addition Nickel used for plating has also risen in price.

The only advice we can give is to get your door furniture and window furniture orders in during March!

Worldwide Copper Prices on the rise