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About Door Knockers

March 29, 2010

written by Vicki Bale

The Door Knocker has been around since time immemorial. The Lion’s head design is one of the oldest known. A black iron one can be found on one of the most famous doors in the world, 10 Downing Street.


One of the oldest door knockers discovered was in the town of Olynthos in ancient Macedonia and has been dated at around 400BC. It is a lion’s head design with a knocking ring. Animals heads have been popular designs for knockers ever since.

One of the most famous doors in the world is to No10 Downing Street. This door has had an iron Lion’s head knocker on it since c1780.

Another popular knocker shape is called a ‘Doctors Knocker’ so called as it was the knocker which depicted where the Doctor lived, for easy identification.

Our range does not claim such great age, but be assured that every door knocker we offer is cast from original moulds and will add Georgian, Victorian or Deco authenticity for your door.

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