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About Sash Window Furniture

June 19, 2010

Brass Sash Window Fastener
written by Vicki Bale

Brass Sash Window Fastener Locking Beehive


Sash windows consist of two framed sections, one above the other which overlap at the dividing horizontal transom bar and slide vertically in a timber frame. The movement is controlled by weighted pulleys hidden behind the sides of the window frames. They were popular throughout the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras, with styles, shapes and glazing treatments changing over the years.

Sash windows require a specially made range of window furniture. Our range is cast in solid brass and designed to be totally authentic, to replicate antique window hardware. It is all made in England. We can offer several different finishes, the most popular we offer online are unlacquered brass and polished nickel plate. Other finishes are available – talk to us. Top quality sash window hardware is quite hard to find. Our quality products are not to be confused with the numerous cheap window fittings available at DIY sheds. All items come with screw fittings, and fasteners are available in locking or non-locking options.

The sash window furniture you require is explained below:

Sash Window Fasteners

There are several types of sash window fastener available.

Arm Fastener РThis has an arm fixing with a small decorative knob, the most hansome in the sash window fastener range, eg Beehive Sash Window Fastener or our Ball Sash Window Fastener

Brighton Fastener – This fastener is like a large screw thread with a knurled nut which is screwed tight to secure the window, rather functional looking but quite traditional, eg Brighton Sash Window Fastener

Fitch Fastener – A fastener with a rounded shape . This has a narrow keep so is suitable where there is limited space to fit the fastener, eg Fitch Sash Window Fastener

Claw Fastener – This works in a similar way to the Fitch Fastener, with a claw that fits into the keep. This is not featured in our online range but we can source them from our wider catalogue.

If you have double glazing you may find the space is limited to fit a traditional sash fastener. If this is the case, consider the Fitch Fastener which has a narrow keep (12mm) or contact us as we can also do the arm fasteners in a slim version.

Sash Lifts

These are hooks which sit on the bottom rail of the window and enable you to move the window up and down. Most cheaper sash lifts are pressed and bent to shape from a sheet of brass, or worse still are base metal sprayed with a brass coating. Our sash lift is cast in solid brass and is really chunky at 4mm thick. Normally you would use two of these on each window.

Sash Window Handles

These are an alternative to the sash lift hook in the form of a pull handle. These are not as popular as the sash lift hook. But the choice is yours.

Other Items

Some other items of sash window hardware which you may require are pulleys, cord, weights, sash locks, sash stops, ring sash lifts or sash bar handles for larger windows. We can supply most of the items you may require even though they do not feature online. Please contact us with your requirements.

For more information about Sash Windows visit www.sash-style.co.uk. On this site you will find a directory of sash window makers, repairers and restorers as well as recommended books and DIY tips.

Click on the images below to link to the items on our website of the Beehive Sash Window Fastener, the Fitch Fastener and the Sash Lift Hook.


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    FourEd says:

    This is really useful advice. People do not realise the choices/furnishings available for your new windows these days and should be seriously considered to be in keeping with other areas of your home.