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Art Deco Design of the 1920’s and 30’s

June 2, 2010

Nickel Art Deco Door Handles
written by Vicki Bale

Art Deco Door Handles

ART DECO DESIGN OF THE 1920’s and 30’s

Art Deco was an international design movement which flourished through the 20’s and 30’s and applied to architecture and consumer products.

The style was popularised by the Paris exhibition of 1925. It caught on after World War 1 and reigned until the onset of World War 2. Influences included Cubism with its zig zags and geometricals, Ancient Egypt following the discovery of Tutankhamun by Howard Carter and Lord Carnaervon in 1922 and Aztec and Mayan Art from South America and Mexico.

There are numerous examples of Art Deco Architecture. Some examples from London include the buildings on the Great West Road and Western Avenue, most famous is the Hoover Building. The Savoy Hotel on The Strand, The Odeon Cinema in Leicester Square, The Adelphi Theatre on The Strand and The Prince of Wales Theatre on Coventry Street. There are many examples of tube and railway stations including Osterley and Chiswick Park. The Tooting Bec Lido is a 1930’s pool and cafe.

There are numerous famous examples of Art Deco architecture from around the world. Some of the best known are from the USA. The buildings in Miami South Beach, in New York City the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building and in Los Angeles too. Havana in Cuba has many superb examples of the time.

Art Deco was a style which translated to consumer products. It celebrated the machine age and mass production, through the use of man made materials such as stainless steel and glass and bakelite. Simplicity was the order of the day through crisp symmetrical and stepped forms, sweeping curves, chevron patterns and sunburst motifs. Furniture, ceramics, lighting, cars, jewellery, fabrics all turned Art Deco. Even Art Deco Door Knobs and Art Deco Door Handles appeared to grace the Deco style doors of the time.

Art Deco lost patronage by the onset of World War 2, when it was deemed as rather gaudy. It has had several resurgences since and many consumer products are highly collectible today.

Our range of Art Deco Door Furniture is typical of the time. Cast from original moulds from our manufacturers stores. Our Art Deco Door knobs and Art Deco Door Handles show the stepped and geometrical forms of the time. They are perfect reproductions of the originals. Made in England these are top quality items produced in solid unlacqured brass and can be supplied plated in polished nickel or chrome. The Art Deco Door Knocker would make a real talking point for your front door! We will soon have a complete range of Art Deco Door Furniture and also coming soon is a range of Art Deco Window Furniture.

Click on the images below of the Art Deco door knobs, Art Deco Door Knockers and Art Deco Bell push to link to the items on our site.


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    john wilson says:

    Hi, Im interested in buying an Art Deco brass lever lock set and letterbox to match.
    Could you advise distance between lock and handle so I can check it fits the existing handle/lock.
    As a Stained Glass Maker, i have designed and am now building an Art Deco Stained Glass Panel to suit my front entrance door, and i think your items will suit well.

    Vicki Bale says:

    Apologies for the late reply. The distance between the centre of the spindle hole and the centre of the lock hole is a standard 57mm. We have both items in stock. Regards Vicki