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Art Deco Door and Window Furniture

April 10, 2014

Art Deco Door Knobs
written by Vicki Bale


Art Deco Door Knobs

Art Deco Door Knobs from our Deco Collection.


During its heyday Art Deco represented glamour, luxury, flamboyance and faith in progress, both economic and social. The period began in France after World War 1 and flourished around the world until World War 2. Think rich colours, bold angular shapes, shiny metals and fabrics and textural contrasts such as satin and fur and motifs such as sunrises and shells. Deco emerged from the interwar period when industrialisation was transforming the way people lived. Mass production meant that everyone could live the Deco style.

Having set the scene then we can now look the doors of the time. Entrance doors and doors to grand properties often included glazed panels, some would be highly decorative utilising the motifs and geometric designs of the time. Windows and skylights would also show similar details. A common style for more run of the mill internal doors was a single square panel at the top of the door, with two or three long panels beneath. These would have been painted and often had bakelite (an early plastic) door knobs or handles. More grand doors would have had shiny metals, such as polished chrome or nickel with large door pulls, showing the detailing and style of the time.

Our English manufacturer dusted off some original moulds from their stores, to put together a collection of items for Deco doors and windows. All items feature a stepped design and lovely angular shapes. This collection is truly superb and I guarantee would be a talking point for any visitor to your home. It is these small details which make all the difference. We have door knobs, door handles, cupboard knobs, door pulls, everything you would need for inside the house. For the front door we have a door knocker, letter plate, bell and door pull. For your windows we have casement fasteners and stays. They all have the same Deco handwriting and style.

We can do several finishes, but shiny was the order of the day. Look to polished nickel, chrome or shiny brass. Chrome gives a really mirror like finish, a look which was particularly desired.

These items do not come cheap, but they are beautiful! Cast in England in solid brass, they are not to be confused with nasty imported, cheap reproductions. If you are looking for best quality Art Deco door furniture and window furniture then your search ends here! Please take a look at our wonderful range.

Art Deco Door HandlesArt Deco Door KnobsArt Deco Door Knobs BrassArt Deco Door Knocker NickelArt Deco Letter PlateArt Deco Cupboard Knobs ChromeArt Deco Window FurnitureArt Deco Door Pull

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    c benson says:

    There are no prices for your art deco dorr furniture?

    Vicki Bale says:

    You need to visit our shop by clicking the links in the blog article.