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Art Deco Door Furniture-Locking Bathroom Doors

November 7, 2011

Art Deco Bathroom Turn and Release
written by Vicki Bale
Art Deco Bathroom Turn and Release

Art Deco Bathroom Turn and Release in Nickel


Within our range of  Art Deco Door Furniture, there are a couple of options we can offer if you want to lock a bathroom door. Both options use a turn and release which offers an emergency release from the front side of the door. This is ideal where there are young children or elderly people in the house that may not be able to turn a key or release a bolt.

Firstly you can use an Art Deco Turn and release as pictured above. This goes through your door and into a bathroom deadlock using a 5mm spindle. This would be mounted above or below a pair of Art Deco Door Knobs or Art Deco Door Handles.

Secondly we can supply our Art Deco Door Handles specially adapted for use on a bathroom door. The Art Deco Lever Lock Set can be supplied with a Turn and Release set into the backplate of the door handles. You then have to use a special lock/deadlock mechanism in the edge of your door.

Our range of Art Deco Door Furniture can be done in Polished Nickel or unlacquered brass, with polished chrome to order.

If you have any questions about this subject or our Art Deco Door Furniture or Art Deco Window Furniture, please give us a call.

The photos below show the inside view of the separate turn & release, Our Art Deco Lever Lock Set, (we set an integrated turn and release into the backplate of this item), Art Deco Door Knobs

Art Deco Door HandlesArt Deco Door Knobs






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