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Art Deco Door Furniture – Perfect with Great Gatsby Fabrics

September 7, 2013

Art Deco Door Knobs
written by Vicki Bale


Art Deco Door Knobs

Our lovely Art Deco Door Knobs


Art Deco continues to be of great interest and vintage pieces continue to fetch good prices in the sale rooms and antique shops. The term Art Deco refers to a period from about 1910-1940, but at the time it was called “Art Moderne” or “Modernistic”, later it was also known as “Jazz Pattern”. Art Deco affected all forms of design from fine and decorative arts to film, fashion, interior and product design and architecture. It spread quickly around the world and celebrated the modern mechanised world. The 1925 Paris exhibition marked the high point of the first phase of Art Deco, with the exhibition attracting over 16 million visitors.

Shiny surfaces, chrome, mirrors, coloured glass, use of lacquer and plastics such as Bakelite were popular. The shapes and forms were geometric, symmetrical, angular and exotic.

We have been looking around to give you some Art Deco inspiration and we have found a great range of fabrics “The Great Gatsby Collection“. Appropriately named after the 1925 novel by American author F.Scott Fitzgerald, this collection is sold by UK Curtains and Interiors.  Characteristics of Art Deco textile design are minimal, geometric and linear patterns in either bold or neutral contrasting colours, luxurious fabrics in classic neutral shades with metallic golds and silvers.

Our Art Deco door furniture would sit well with this collection. Go for Art Deco door handles or door knobs in polished chrome or nickel. If you have casement windows, then take a look at our window fasteners and stays, all beautifully cast from original moulds. Made in England too.

In the pictures below you can see the Great Gatsby fabric mood board,  our Art Deco Window Furniture and Art Deco Door Handles in Brass and Chrome.

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