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Art Deco Door Knocker & Art Deco Bell Push Now Available

May 31, 2010

Art Deco Door Knockers in Brass and Nickel
written by Vicki Bale

Art Deco Door Knockers


If you are interested in our Art Deco Door Furniture, the good news is the new lines are starting to arrive.

This weekend 2 new lines have gone live on our website, the Art Deco Door Knocker and the Art Deco Bell Push. There are some pics on this posting and more under the item listing on the website.

The Art Deco Door knocker is a spectacular piece. It is chunky and weighs approximately 750g. It has the wonderful angular and geometric styling typical of the period.

The Art Deco Bell push is a nice item, a small but important detail, it enables you to complete the look on your front door.

These items are part of the range of Art Deco Door Furniture which already includes, Art Deco Door Knobs and Art Deco Door Handles and an escutcheon. All items are of the finest quality and made in England.

Coming soon, Art Deco Letter Plate, Art Deco Centre Door Knob, Art Deco Cupboard Knobs, Art Deco Window Furniture and Art Deco Finger Plate.

All pieces are available on-line in polished nickel and polished unlacquered brass. If you prefer polished chrome, this is the same price as the nickel, but call us to order. All would be typical of the Art Deco door furniture of the time.

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