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Beehive Door Knobs

April 19, 2010

Victorian Door Knobs
written by Vicki Bale

Brass Door Knobs – Richmond Beehive Large from our wide range of beehive design door and window furniture.


The Beehive door knob has been around at least since the Regency era, when the ridges on door knobs were simple and elegant. They sometimes appeared as a double or triple ring around the edge of the door knob. Our Reeded door handle is a copy of a Regency original.

It was not long before the beehive design was born with rings running all the way from the base to the end of the door knobs. The rings were decorative and also practical, offering improved grip. This was a very popular Victorian Door Knob style, cast or turned in bronze or brass, these would have been used as front door knobs or door knobs for the more important rooms in the house. Also the beehive knob could turned on a lathe in hardwood and as with all wooden door knobs these were popular in Scotland. To cover the lock hole you would use a matching beehive escutcheon.

Our range includes lots of use of the beehive! We have brass door knobs, brass door handles, cupboard knobs, wooden door knobs, escutcheons, hooks and sash window fasteners. All can be supplied in brass, nickel or chrome plate.

The beehive door knob has been popular right through the eras and remains one of the most popular design today – A true design classic!

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