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Brass Cupboard Knobs – A Feature on our Best Sellers

September 10, 2014

Brass Cupboard Knobs
written by Vicki Bale
Brass Cupboard Knobs

Lots of Brass Cupboard Knobs


We have a wide range of brass cupboard knobs in a variety of sizes and styles. The range comprises 12 designs, so you should be able to find something that suits your requirements, whether that be plain, period or something a bit different. In addition we do drawer pulls and lifting handles which are good alternatives to round cupboard knobs. They can be also be used in combination, knobs on doors and pulls on drawers.

When selecting the right fittings for your cupboards and drawers, first consider the size.  A great way to asses the size is to cut a paper template and attach this to your furniture. Please see another article we have written about this subject, Kitchen cupboard knobs and how to select them. Then it is down to what finish suits, we can do iron, pewter, nickel, brass and chrome, here we look at brass. All items are unlacquered so will tarnish with age. Please use the links to go to the items on our website.

Introducing our best sellers:

No 1 Richmond Beehive – A classic beehive design with distinctive rings an a period look. Available in 30 or 40mm sizes.

Brass Cupboard Knobs Beehive


No 2 Georgian Bloxwich – Copy of a Georgian original. Available in 30 or 40mm sizes.

Brass Cupboard Knobs Bloxwich


No 3 Art Deco – Cast from a period original. Shows the stepped and angular forms of the time. Available in 32 or 38mm sizes. Made in England.

Art Deco Cupboard Knobs Brass


No 4 Plain Mushroom – A plain style with a flat face. Available in 32/38/50mm sizes. Made in England.

Brass Cupboard Knobs Plain


And .. a Priors favourite – Ball & Step. This is a lovely unusual cupboard knob, it is a 32mm ball which sits on a stepped base. Made in England.

Cupboard Knobs Ball and Step


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