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Catching your fingers between the door knob and the door frame?

October 31, 2012

Cylinder Door Latch
written by Vicki Bale
Cylinder Door Latch

Door Latch – Essential that the correct one is used


Oh dear!

It can be really painful if you trap your fingers between a door knob and the edge of a door. Most people have done this somewhere and it can be very painful.

This is caused by the spindle hole not being far enough from the door edge, therefore not leaving enough space for your fingers to easily move between the door knob and the door frame. This dimension is called the set back, the measurement from the door edge to the centre of the spindle hole. This is mainly a problem where door knobs are in use. Door knobs require a deeper setback than door handles. It is a sign of really shoddy building work if you have this issue. What happens is that the latch mechanism being used is the one suited for door handles and not for door knobs. A really basic error to make, but one which is made surprisingly often! Ouch!

If you have door handles in your house and you want to change to door knobs, you have a problem because you cannot simply just replace the handles with door knobs. You must also change the latches and some problems arise when this kind of switch over takes place.  It cannot be done without lots of mess. An extra hole needs to be drilled in the door, you have the mess from the screws from the handle backplates, you have to have a deeper cut out in the door for the longer latch etc.

The Heavy duty latch is the product from our range which is available in cylinder length 65mm for door handles and 100mm for door knobs. We can also get deeper ones if required. This issue also applies if you want to lock the door, again the correct setback must be used.

If you have any queries on the subject we are happy to help.



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    Peter Lavender says:

    We have a Georgian door where some bright spark removed the mortice lock and brass knobs, replacing them with a latch handle and mortice lock very close to the door opening. We want to go back to how it would have been. The door doesn’t need to lock. We have found some knobs that match the rest of the house. We now need to find a catch with a long barrel and fill in the old holes and make some new ones where they once were. The distance from centre of the old knob to the edge of the door is 114mm. This seems big. Do you supply such a thing?

    Vicki Bale says:

    Sorry Peter. The biggest latch we have would be a 106mm set back.

    James Redhead says:

    We are looking for a door catch to fit in our motorhome the same for shuts our bedroom off then does a 90degree turn and​ it shuts off the bathroom

    James Redhead says:

    I’m sorry but don’t know what you mean. Maybe send an e-mail picture to vicki@priorsrec.co.uk.