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If you have double glazed units this will limit the amount of space you have to fix a sash fastener. It means that most won’t fit, especially the arm type sash fasteners.
The most popular sash window fastener where space is limited is the Fitch Fastener.

Escutcheons – How to Select them

March 2, 2013 written by Vicki Bale
Escutcheons In Nickel

There are a raft of different escutcheons in our range, from plain to patterned and in a variety of finishes. These little items are important as they are decorative and keep out draughts. Here are the things you may need to consider before making your selection.

Towel Rings, Towel Rails and Towel Hooks – Towel Storage

February 15, 2013 written by Vicki Bale
Classic Double Towel Rail

Consider the different ways you can store towels in your bathroom. We have Towel Rings, Hooks, Rails and Heated Towel Rails that can all be made to your bespoke requirements. Consider how many towels, what sizes and look at the space you have. The ultimate luxury is having a heated towel rail.

Door Furniture for Cottage Doors

November 21, 2012 written by Vicki Bale
Iron Hinges

If you have traditional planked doors and you are looking for traditional door furniture then we can help. If you have nice oak or pine doors whether original or newly made then please spend a bit of time getting the door furniture right. Nice wooden doors deserve the right hinges and latches. Please avoid the cheap items sold in DIY sheds which are painted pressed steel – thin and nasty!

Which finish on Door Furniture for use by the Sea?

July 17, 2012 written by Vicki Bale

Salty air can take its toll on all sorts of things especially door furniture. You may also need to consider the finish on window furniture, if windows are to be left open for any length of time. Here we take a look at the finishes we offer and then comment on the suitability of each for a home by the sea!

Selecting Door Knobs and Door Handles – Some Tips

June 11, 2012 written by Vicki Bale
Beehive Door Knobs

When planning a refurbishment door furniture is often overlooked. It makes a real difference to the look of your doors. You use door knobs & door handles many times a day, so spend some time making the right selection and go for quality! Here are some tips for you:

How to select the right size Door Knobs

March 9, 2011 written by Vicki Bale
Brass Door Knobs Georgian

Selecting door furniture and in particular the right size door knobs can be quite tricky. Here is a quick run down of the sizes we do and some tips to help you get door knob selection right first time!

Ways to Lock Bathroom Doors

March 2, 2011 written by Vicki Bale
Victorian Rim Lock Iron

You have several choices when it comes to locking bathroom doors and it can be complicated. You can use a Turn and Release, A bathroom Rim Lock, Door Handles specially adapted to incorporate a bathroom lock, Mortise locks or just a small bolt. If you are daring even leave the door open!! Please have a read below for more information:

About Casement Window Furniture

August 26, 2010 written by Vicki Bale
Iron casement stays

Early casement windows would have had a casement latch and casement stay in black iron, often forged by the local blacksmith. In Victorian times window hardware could also have been cast in brass and in the later 1800’s and early 1900’s plated in nickel. Our ranges are copies of originals and our iron window fittings are hand forged. In this article we also offer an explanation of the terminology used for casement window hardware.

About Sash Window Furniture

June 19, 2010 written by Vicki Bale
Brass Sash Window Fastener

Sash windows require a specially made range of window furniture. Our range is cast in solid brass and designed to be totally authentic, to replicate antique window hardware. It is all made in England. We can offer several different finishes, the most popular we offer online are unlacquered brass and polished nickel plate. Top quality sash window hardware is quite hard to find. Our quality products are not to be confused with the numerous cheap window fittings available at DIY sheds.

Oak Parquet Close up

As part of our Reclaimed flooring offer we have reclaimed parquet flooring. It makes magnificent floors. The character, colouring and markings from its past life cannot be created using newly machined blocks, but there are some pitfalls and things you need to know before purchasing reclaimed parquet.

Unlacquered or Lacquered Brass?

April 4, 2010 written by Vicki Bale
Georgian Brass Door Knobs

This is a question we are often asked, so here is an attempt to clarify things.

We have elected to offer only unlacquered brass on our website, this is because we are in the business of traditional brassware. All our brass door furniture and window furniture is just as our forebears produced it, without lacquer!

About Door Hinges

April 3, 2010 written by Martin Foley
Iron Butterfly Hinges

Door hinges have been around for 4000 years and have passed through many stages in their evolution.

Usually used on public and sacred buildings, they were developed by the Romans for domestic use and became an important part of their sophisticated lifestyle. They even named a goddess, Cardea, as the godess of hinges.

About Door Knockers

March 29, 2010 written by Vicki Bale

ABOUT DOOR KNOCKERS One of the oldest door knockers discovered was in the town of Olynthos in ancient Macedonia and has been dated at around 400BC. It is a lion’s head design with a knocking ring. Animals heads have been popular designs for knockers ever