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Selecting the right size letter plate

June 11, 2014 written by Vicki Bale
Brass Letter Plate Classic with Clapper

This article is to help you select the right size letter plate for a new door or an existing one. We sell a wide variety of letter plates in different sizes and materials. In our most popular Original design we offer 8 sizes. We can also make bespoke items in brass or nickel.

Period Door Knobs For Front Doors

May 1, 2014 written by Vicki Bale
Large Beehive Door Knobs

If you are looking for a pair of door knobs for your front door, here we review some of our best selling big ones!

Brass Door Handles Rutland

April 29, 2014 written by Vicki Bale
Brass Door Handles Rutland

Now just take a look at these for funky brass door handles. I showed these to a friend of mine, a woman with excellent taste in all things for the home, she declared, “I need to move house so I can have those door handles – they are gorgeous!” Yes they are!

Cupboard Pull Handle Curved

written by Vicki Bale
Brass Cupboard Pull Curved

Here is a really nice elegantly shaped pull handle which would look lovely on drawers and cupboards. Made in England.

New Look Front Door and Door Furniture For Spring

April 23, 2014 written by Vicki Bale
Black front door with our nickel door furniture

With the onset of Spring why not consider revamping your front door and door furniture? Smarten up your house from the front, your door and door furniture say something about you and the style of your house. Paint those railings, scrub the path, kill the weeds and clean the windows! Use our Pinterest boards to gain inspiration for a new look.

Door Hinges – About Butt Hinges

April 16, 2014 written by Vicki Bale
Heavy Duty Butt Hinges Stainless Steel

Butt hinges are the most common type of hinges used to hang doors. They are available in different sizes and different qualities. Hinges are not hugely expensive when compared with other items of door furniture, so it is always best to go for better quality ones which will last the test of time. Read this article to help with your selection of butt hinges.

Door Pull Handle Rutland in Brass and Nickel

April 14, 2014 written by Vicki Bale
Pull Handle Rutland

We have significantly improved our range of pull handles by adding seven lines in brass and five in polished nickel. Some designs are interesting and decorative and some are plain. Some are smaller for cupboards and some are larger for full size doors. Whatever your requirements we have something for your needs.

Art Deco Door and Window Furniture

April 10, 2014 written by Vicki Bale
Art Deco Door Knobs

Our English manufacturer dusted off some original moulds from their stores, to put together a collection of items for Deco doors and windows. All items feature a stepped design and lovely angular shapes. This collection is truly superb and I guarantee would be a talking point for any visitor to your home.

Period Door Furniture – Making The Right Selection

April 1, 2014 written by Vicki Bale
Oak Door with Iron T-Hinges

If you are renovating a period property it is really important to give time and consideration to the smaller decorative details as they make all the difference. Here we take a look at selecting door furniture for a period property.

Lion’s Head Door Knocker on Promotion

March 27, 2014 written by Vicki Bale
Lion's Head Door Knockers

We are pleased to tell you we have a promotion on one of our most popular door knockers, the Lion’s Head.

Buying Door Knobs – Things you need to know

March 23, 2014 written by Vicki Bale
Brass Door Knobs Beehive and Bloxwich

Door knobs sound like a straightforward item to purchase, but there are some pitfalls and things you need to know and consider before buying. Read on!

Art Deco Door Pull Handle – New Line

March 22, 2014 written by Vicki Bale
Art Deco Door Pull Handle

Here is a wonderful new item just introduced to the range – our Art Deco door pull.

Use a Door Chain – Improve Door Security

March 21, 2014 written by Vicki Bale
Brass Door Chain Heavy Duty

Door chains are useful items and give added security. They prevent strangers and uninvited guests from gaining access to your property or home. Here is ours, a quality item in solid brass.

Classic Door Knob Shapes – Bun

March 7, 2014 written by Vicki Bale
Wooden Door Knobs Ebony Bun Nickel Backs

Some things are just design classics that have been popular over many years. Here we look at the classic door knob shape – the Bun (also known as Cushion or Mushroom).

T-Hinges for Traditional Doors

February 18, 2014 written by Vicki Bale
Oak Door With Iron T-Hinges

If you have planked doors (also known as cottage doors, ledged and braced doors, ledged and boarded doors) where you have vertical planks on one side and three or four horizontal ledges on the back, then you need suitable hinges. In this posting we look at hand forged T-Hinges.