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Listed Property Owners Club

April 20, 2013 written by Vicki Bale
Listed Property Owners Club

The Listed Property Owners Club is an excellent organisation for owners of listed properties and is also ideal for anyone doing up an old property. Lots of advice and help to steer you through your renovation. It is very reasonable too for the array services you get.

Clearance Sale Reclaimed Flooring & Other bits

September 20, 2011 written by Vicki Bale
Yorkstone Flags

We are having a big clearance sale on all our reclaimed flooring and other bits. These are genuine reductions and everything must go. Last items now left.

Reclaimed Flooring – Original Pine Floorboards

June 14, 2010 written by Vicki Bale
Reclaimed Pine Flooring

Original pine floorboards are an important part of our reclaimed flooring range. These are boards which have had a life as a floorboard for around a hundred years or more so were laid in the Victorian or Edwardian era.
These are lifted from old houses, churches and civic buildings by skilled demolition teams. We never buy boards which have come from factories or mills, even though there are many about (often offered at very cheap prices!). Any reclaimed flooring which has come from such sources should be avoided as it may be impregnated with oil and chemicals and should not be re-used.

Reclaimed Flooring – Reclaimed Pine Re-Sawn

June 10, 2010 written by Vicki Bale
Reclaimed Pine Re-Sawn from antique beams

One of the most popular sources for reclaimed pine flooring is old pine joists. These can be found in old buildings such as schools, hospitals, houses and civil buildings. Typically these are the beams which form the upper floors, in some large buildings there can be hundreds of joists. Mostly joists are 7″, 9″ or less commonly 11″ in the width, about 10-11 feet in length and 2-3″ thick. Most of them will have been in use for a hundred years or more.

European Oak Flooring

June 9, 2010 written by Martin Foley
Oak Flooring Random Widths

European Oak (quercus robur) is a very durable material for oak flooring. Over the centuries it has been used for shipbuilding, timber framed buildings, barrels and in its machined and finished state makes wonderful oak flooring, oak doors and furniture.

Oak Parquet Close up

As part of our Reclaimed flooring offer we have reclaimed parquet flooring. It makes magnificent floors. The character, colouring and markings from its past life cannot be created using newly machined blocks, but there are some pitfalls and things you need to know before purchasing reclaimed parquet.

Antique Reclaimed Oak Flooring – In stock

April 16, 2010 written by Vicki Bale
Reclaimed Oak Floorboards

We currently have in stock antique oak flooring. This was carefully lifted by skilled workmen from a Grade 1 listed Robert Adam mansion in Warwickshire called Compton Verney. The oak was removed when the property underwent a 10 year restoration. It is now an internationally renown art gallery.
This antique oak is some of the finest we have ever had in all the years we have been trading. We believe it dates back to work done somewhere between 1750 and 1800.

About Old Oak and Elm Flooring

April 15, 2010 written by Vicki Bale
Reclaimed Elm Floorboards

Oak is the finest building timber, an incredible natural material and was used for flooring from the 16th century. Early floorboards were sawn in a pit by hand, by two men and as a result there was little regard for standardisation. Floors were of random widths and depths, with joists packed as required to make the floor surface flat.

Finishing and Maintaining Your Wooden Floor

April 7, 2010 written by Vicki Bale
Traditional Oak Flooring

This is an article which will give you some tips on the finishing and maintenance of your wooden floor. Sanding is a critical part, then comes the choice of finish, wax, oil, varnish etc. Once your floor is complete you need to look after it properly.

Laying your Wooden Floor

April 6, 2010 written by Vicki Bale
Reclaimed Pine Flooring in a bedroom

All our floors whether reclaimed flooring or new oak flooring can be laid by a carpenter or competent DIY enthusiast. We work closely with a small team of fitters whom we can recommend should you require an expert. If not we offer some tips here on how to lay a solid wood floor.

Background & Preparation for your wooden floor

April 5, 2010 written by Vicki Bale
Reclaimed Flooring Stack of pine

Why choose a solid timber floor?
Solid timber has proved itself throughout the centuries as the best material for flooring for a number of reasons. Timber needs to be properly stored and cared for prior to laying and a little knowledge of wood before you start will be really helpful. Read on….