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Brass Letter Plate Classic

Here is another video, we just made it. It quickly flips through some of some of our best selling items. They include door furniture and window furniture.

Hope you like it!

New – Sash Window Fastener Acorn

April 4, 2011 written by Vicki Bale
Brass Sash Window Fastener Acorn

Here is a new addition to our range of Sash Window Fasteners.
This is a sash fastener with a beautifully detailed acorn shaped knob. It is an arm type sash fastener and is available in unlacquered brass or polished nickel. It can also be supplied in a locking version for added security.

New Pewter Window Furniture Pear Drop Design

March 28, 2011 written by Vicki Bale
Pewter Casement Stays

The new range of Pewter Window Furniture is all in stock and available to order on-line.
The Pear Drop design in casement window fasteners and casement stays is very popular in black Iron and we think these lines have come up really well in the Pewter Patina finish.

Coming Soon! – New Lines Pewter Window Furniture

March 23, 2011 written by Vicki Bale
Pewter Casement Stay

Our range of Pewter Window Furniture is about to be increased substantially with several exciting new introductions.
We have had many requests for a simple casement fastener and now we have both the monkey tail and the pear casement fastener coming in soon (as per the iron range). The pear drop design is new to the pewter patina finish and we will also have 3 sizes in a matching casement stay.

Large Door Knobs Bloxwich

Just a reminder that this is the last week of current prices. Most Brass Door Furniture, Nickel Door Furniture, Brass Window Furniture and Nickel Window Furniture will be increasing in price during April.
This is due to the spiralling cost of copper which is the main metal in the alloy which makes up brass.

Sash Window Fasteners – Arm Type

March 10, 2011 written by Vicki Bale
Sash Window Fastener Beehive Nickel

Amongst our of window furniture you will find a range of sash fasteners. We have different styles of sash fastener including Arm, Brighton, Fitch and Claw. In this post you can also see some other designs which we can get, including Acorn.
The Arm Sash Fastener is where you have an arm which you move to open and close using a decorative knob. These window fasteners are the most decorative in the range as you can add some detailing to the knob part.

We are often asked the difference between the above two finishes which we offer on some lines of door furniture and window furniture.
It is quite hard in digital photos to show the difference but basically the nickel finish is shiny silver and chrome is a bit whiter in colour and more mirror like.

Price Increases-Brass Door Furniture & Window Furniture

February 28, 2011 written by Vicki Bale

Prices on all our brass door furniture and window furniture are set to rise, they will go up by between 7-10%. We are trying to hold off for as long as we can, but expect increases in April and May. Here is an explanation as to why this is happening:

About Casement Window Furniture

August 26, 2010 written by Vicki Bale
Iron casement stays

Early casement windows would have had a casement latch and casement stay in black iron, often forged by the local blacksmith. In Victorian times window hardware could also have been cast in brass and in the later 1800’s and early 1900’s plated in nickel. Our ranges are copies of originals and our iron window fittings are hand forged. In this article we also offer an explanation of the terminology used for casement window hardware.

Art Deco Window Furniture – Just Arrived

August 10, 2010 written by Vicki Bale
Art Deco Window Furniture Brass

The Art Deco Casement Stays and Casement Fasteners are now available to order in unlacquered brass, polished nickel and polished chrome. We are delighted with the look and quality, they are heavyweight and chunky.

Glossary Of Terms – Window Furniture A-Z

June 22, 2010 written by Vicki Bale
Window Stays

There are lots of specialist terms to do with Window Furniture. Here is a listing of some of the ones we commonly use or come across. Hopefully this will help when shopping, but do contact us if you need assistance, as working out what is required for your windows can be tricky.

About Sash Window Furniture

June 19, 2010 written by Vicki Bale
Brass Sash Window Fastener

Sash windows require a specially made range of window furniture. Our range is cast in solid brass and designed to be totally authentic, to replicate antique window hardware. It is all made in England. We can offer several different finishes, the most popular we offer online are unlacquered brass and polished nickel plate. Top quality sash window hardware is quite hard to find. Our quality products are not to be confused with the numerous cheap window fittings available at DIY sheds.

Art Deco Casement Stay

Coming soon as part of our wide range of Art Deco window furniture and Art Deco Door Furniture. We have Art Deco Casemenet Fasteners and Casement stays. These are in the Art Deco style of the c1910- 1930’s. The window furniture design reflects the typical geometric and angular shapes of the time.

Iron Door Furniture – Beeswax Finish

April 29, 2010 written by Vicki Bale
Iron T Hinges Penny and Arrowhead

Many customers ask about the difference between the finishes on our black ironmongery. Simply the wax finish is recommended for internal use and the powder coated finish for external use.
The iron door furniture and window furniture treated with beeswax has a most authentic and rustic look. The wax imparts a a subtle matt richness to the metal.

About Chrome and Chrome Plate

April 27, 2010 written by Vicki Bale
Art Deco Door Handles in Nickel Plate

On door furniture and window furniture Chrome is an excellent plating and was popular especially during the Art Deco era. We can get many of our brass items plated in chrome to order. It is decorative, highly corrosion resistant, hard and requires little cleaning.