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Centre Door Knobs – How To Use Them

September 11, 2015

Brass Centre Door Knob Georgian Octagonal
written by Vicki Bale
Brass Centre Door Knob Georgian Octagonal

Brass Centre Door Knob Georgian Octagonal


Centre door knobs or door pull knobs have a thread in the rear of the knob and a bolt which screws from the rear side into this. On the front of the door you see the door knob (no screw holes) and on the rear side you see the head of the bolt. The finish on the head of the bolt is normally the same as the door knob.  This results in a door knob which does not move when you hold it – it is a fixed pull.

Centre knobs are normally larger than pairs of door knobs, as there are no space issues and they do not need to fit through a latch.  They also need to have presence on the door, which when coupled with a door knocker and letter plate gives an impressive and elegant look. Sizes can vary, but are generally between 65 and 100mm. The 75mm size is perfect for most front doors, but for some large or double doors a 100mm diameter knob will not look out of place.

A pair of door knobs are designed to work with a latch and have some play in the movement. Therefore a half pair of door knobs screwed to the face of the door to act as a pull will not work in quite the same way. On some lines in our range we can get pairs of door knobs fixed from the rear side, so they can be used as door pulls. However, where you have a door knob screwed to the face of the door to act as a pull, it would not be as secure as one which bolts from the back and could work loose over time.

The use of centre door knobs was very popular in the Georgian and Victoria eras and they look superb on panelled doors. The common layout of Georgian doors was six panel and Victorian doors were often four panel. On panelled doors the letter plate would be located on the central stile with the pull knob above on the narrow middle vertical, with the door knocker above. You can see many doors and the arrangement of door furniture on our Pinterest Boards, where we have about 300 images of all sorts of doors. Priors Pinterest Boards. On double doors pull knobs are often seen with one on each door, sitting side by side.

One question we do get asked is, “can these door knobs be used back to back?” The answer is of course no – with the bolt from behind you cannot attach another knob. The only way around this is to have them specially made and adapted, one side has to screw to the face. This can only be done on limited designs and these would be manufactured to order.

We have a wide range which can be viewed here – Centre Door Knobs. We have brass, polished nickel, iron and pewter patina finishes and various designs. The Georgian octagonal knob is one of the most popular and for a round shape, check out the Harley. We have one for Art Deco doors and for extra security, the Lion’s head.

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Nickel Centre Door Knob Georgian OctagonalArt Deco Centre Door Knob Brass

Brass Centre Door Knob HarleyNickel Centre Door Knob Lion's Head


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