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Ceramic Door Knobs – A Victorian Favourite!

May 7, 2010

Porcelain Door Knobs Selection
written by Vicki Bale

Ceramic Door Knobs first produced in the 1850’s


Ceramic door knobs or Porcelain door knobs were first made in the 1850’s. During the Victorian era these were produced in England in the Staffordshire Potteries in their thousands. Cheaper than brass they became the door knobs of the masses. They were also easy to clean and had a nice smooth feel in the hand. The demand for ceramic door knobs was further fueled in the later 1800’s as they were produced in a host of designs.

The most popular ceramic knobs were plain white with cream and black close behind. Brass mountings were introduced giving them an added upmarket looking detail. Then of course the patterns, mostly floral of all types, often multi coloured and sometimes single shade eg blue.

Ceramic door knobs would be used in conjunction with escutcheons and finger plates, this would maximise the decorative effect. Finger plates were used to protect doors from dirty hands and marks but also looked attractive and the escutcheons would cover the keyhole. Smaller knobs were also made which had a multitude of uses and could be used as cupboard knobs, drawer knobs, furniture knobs and kitchen knobs. These could all be selected to coordinate with other door furniture.

These Porcelain door knobs, escutcheons and finger plates are still produced in Staffordshire today and this is where our range is made.

Please click on the photos below of our ceramic door knobs, cupboard knobs, finger plates and escutcheons to link to products on our site.

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