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Classic Door Knob Shapes – Bun

March 7, 2014

Wooden Door Knobs Ebony Bun Nickel Backs
written by Vicki Bale
Wooden Door Knobs Ebony Bun Nickel Back

Wooden Door Knobs Bun Shaped Ebony



The bun shape, I guess, is named after a bun! One of those lovely ones which rises to a rounded shape with a lovely smooth texture. It comes out of the oven and makes the kitchen smell fantastic. Yes, well enough of this!
The shape is round with a slightly flattened face, it is ergonomically fantastic for a door knob as they sit so comfortably in the hand. The surface being slightly rounded is often left completely plain i.e. not detailed with beehive rings etc. Sometimes the backplates can be more fancy e.g. our wooden door knob bun which has a floral backplate. Porcelain ones can sometimes be given a contrast colour line around the backplate in black, white or gold.
We offer bun shapes in wood, porcelain, glass, all with a diameter of 55-60mm and we also offer a cottage knob in brass and nickel. In cupboard knobs we have a bun shape which we call the plain mushroom.
Other door knob classic shapes are ball (perfect round) Oval (egg shaped).
Here are some bun’s in the pics below.

Glass Door Knobs BunGlass Cupboard Knob ClearCupboard Knob MushroomPorcelain Door Knobs

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