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Clear Glass Cupboard Knobs

April 27, 2012

Clear Glass Cupboard Knobs
written by Vicki Bale


Clear Glass Cupboard Knobs

Clear Glass Cupboard Knobs - Handcrafted in England


Clear glass cupboard knobs are the best selling colour in the range. This is because clear glass door knobs reflect colours beautifully and fit easily into all interiors.

In our new range of Handmade English Glass Cupboard Knobs, we can offer clear glass and frosted clear glass. The frosted glass is not so reflective, but gives a lovely cloudy look to the door knob or cupboard knob. This can be seen in the photographs.

Our range is made by a master glassmaker in the West Country. These are mini works of art and can be made in a range of sizes, to act as cupboard door knobs, drawer knobs, cabinet knobs, kitchen door knobs or door pulls. They will grace traditional or modern interiors.

Designs in the range include plain and decorative glass cupboard knobs.  Plain designs are Smooth, Oval and Balloon and the more decorative designs are, Chequerboard, Daisy and Ribbed. All are made to the very best quality standards.

Sizes can be made in knobs diameters from 30 to 60mm and with nickel or brass backs. If you need something specially made we also have a bespoke service.

Glass cupboard knobs shown below are from left, Whirl, Balloon, Chequerboard and Ribbed.

Glass Cupboard Knobs Whirl in Frosted GlassClear Glass Cupboard Knobs BalloonClear Glass Cupboard Knob ChequerboardClear Glass Cupboard Knobs Ribbed





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