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Coming Soon! – New Lines Pewter Window Furniture

March 23, 2011

Pewter Casement Stay
written by Vicki Bale
Pewter Casement Stay

Pewter Casement Stay Monkey Tail in 3 sizes


Our range of Pewter Window Furniture is about to be increased substantially with several exciting new introductions.

We have had many requests for a simple casement fastener and now we have both the monkey tail and the pear drop casement fastener coming in soon.  The pear drop design is new to the pewter patina finish and we will also have 3 sizes in a matching casement stay.

In summary we will have 3 designs, monkey tail, pear drop and shepherd’s crook. In all three designs there will be 3 sizes in a casement stay.

In casement fasteners we will have:

Monkey Tail – Locking Night Vent Fastener, Basic Window Fastener and Espagnolette Fastener

Pear Drop – Basic Window Fastener, Espagnolette Fastener

Shepherd’s Crook – Espagnolette Fastener

Pictures not yet available for these new additions but you can view the equivalents in iron window furniture.

We also have some new lines coming in Pewter Door Furniture, see the next blog posting for details.

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