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Door and Window Furniture – Pewter Patina Finish

February 15, 2014

Door Handles Monkey Tail Pewter
written by Vicki Bale
Door Handles Monkey Tail Pewter

Door Handles Monkey Tail in Pewter Patina


Many of the hand forged products we offer in back iron are also available in Pewter Patina. This is a silvery colour with flecks of black and dark grey.

The items are hand forged and the finish highlights the texture of the steel created by Blacksmith. It is modern and stylish and gives a more contemporary look, as well as suiting a period property. To be correct however, black should be used if you want to absolutely authentic.

It has excellent anti corrosion properties and can be used outside and in seaside locations. We recommend that the ironmongery is wiped with a lightly oiled cloth from time to time. This will act to remove harmful deposits and restore the piece to its original condition. Never use any kind of aerosol spray or abrasive metal cleaner as these may harm the surface. Any moving parts e.g. the knuckle on a hinge, door knocker hinge or letter plate hinges should be oiled periodically.

The screw fixings supplied with this range are all finished individually, so please take extra care when fitting. Always use a pilot drill and rub the screw with a bit of candle wax prior to fixing.

We offer many items in door furniture e.g. Door handles, door knobs, cupboard knobs and door hinges and in window furniture, casement stays and window fasteners in three designs.

Some items are shown below from left, Pewter Casement Fastener Monkey tail, Pewter Beaten Cupboard Knobs, Pewter Letterplate. Click on the image to link to the product.

Window Fastener Monkey Tail PewterCupboard Knobs in Pewter

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