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Door Furniture for Cottage Doors

November 21, 2012

Iron Hinges
written by Vicki Bale


Iron Hinges

Iron T Hinges – Penny Round or Arrowhead Ends


If you have traditional planked doors and you are looking for traditional door furniture then we can help. If you have nice oak or pine doors whether original or newly made then please spend a bit of time getting the door furniture right. Nice wooden doors deserve the right hinges and latches. Please avoid the cheap items sold in DIY sheds which are painted pressed steel – thin and nasty!

T-Hinges are a must for this style of door and the hinges contribute to it’s strength when hung. Do not skimp on the length of the hinge as the outer planks of the door may sag over time. If the hinge offers more support across the width of the door this is much less likely to happen. Look for your hinge to cover 2/3 of the width of the door. eg If you have a 30″ wide door, go for an 18″ hinge. We offer a Penny Round or an Arrowhead hinge style in lots of different widths to suit. When mounting hinges these can go on the ledged or the planked side and mount on the vertical planks and not on the ledges if possible.

Latches typically would be Suffolk type. These are Thumb Latches which when the thumb part is pushed down on the front side it flips up the latch part on the back allowing the door to open. These are normally placed on one side of the door and about a foot up from the centre. We offer Suffolk Latches in Iron, Pewter or Oak and we can also get reclaimed pine. If you are not keen on the suffolk latch option you can consider an iron rim lock with rim knobs or our cottage latch. Also you can use lever door handles.

If you need to lock the door we do straight or cranked door bolts or privacy latches or we can supply a locking pin to go with the Suffolk Latch.

The most traditional finish is Iron and we do a beeswax finish. For outside we have a powder coated black finish. If you are looking for something a bit different we do the t-hinges and Suffolk Latches in a Pewter Patina.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements.

Pictured below from left: Oak Cottage door with Penny Hinges and Suffolk Latch. Bean Suffolk Latch, Iron Rim Lock with Round Knobs, Oak Suffolk Latch, Pewter Suffolk Latch.

Oak Door with Iron Hinges and Suffolk LatchSuffolk Latch BeanIron Rim LockOak Suffolk Latch


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