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Door Knobs on Promotion – Classic Round and Classic Oval

February 8, 2013

Door Knobs Round and Oval Shaped
written by Vicki Bale
Door Knobs Round and Oval Shaped

On Promotion - Classic Round and Classic Oval Door Knobs

We are pleased to announce a promotion, for a limited period, on our Classic Round and Classic Oval shaped door knobs.
They are available in two finishes, unlacquered brass and polished nickel (shiny silver).
The styles are from the late Victorian and Edwardian eras. Both door knobs are amongst the plainest knobs we sell, they are simple and rely on their shape for appeal – the classic oval (egg shaped) or the classic round (ball shaped). These are mortise door knobs which are sold in pairs with spindle and screw fixings.
– Unlacquered Brass  £31 down to £28 per pair + vat
– Polished Nickel        £38  down to £34 per pair + vat

Great value door knobs from Priors, the lowest price mortise knobs in our range. The quality remains top drawer!
For more information click on the links to see the products on-line. If these door knobs do not appeal then please take a look at our wide range, click here. We also have other matching door furniture eg escutcheons, door knockers and letter plates.
Brass and Nickel Door KnobsNickel Classic Oval Door KnobsBrass Door Knobs Classic Round

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