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Door Knobs with the Wow Factor!

October 30, 2014

Glass Door Knobs Coloured
written by Vicki Bale


Glass Door Knobs Coloured

Glass Door Knobs Chequerboard


If you are looking for internal door knobs with the wow factor, ones which will be a talking point, ones which stand out. Take a look at these – no shrinking violets here!

The coloured glass door knobs are stunning and have the wow factor in spades, but if they don’t suit we have some other ideas too.

Glass Door Knobs Chequerboard

Glass Door Knobs Clear Chequerboard

Available in several beautiful colours, including clear, green, blue, purple and Amber. Highly decorative solid glass door knobs. The classical uniform squares add a visual and tactile experience, contrasting frosted and clear glass. The shape is a bun and the diameter is 60mm, so they are large and have great presence on the door. English made.

Glass Door Knobs Smooth Green

Glass Door Knobs Green

Peridot green glass door knobs in a smooth design. Bun shaped with a 60mm diameter. These have great presence on the door and look beautiful as they catch the light. Great if you have green in your colour scheme. If green is not for you we can do clear, blues, purples, amber. Backplates can be brass, nickel or chrome.

Glass Door Knobs Blue Whirl

Glass door knobs blue whirl

Classical solid glass whirl door knobs with elegant folds of glass in a spiral arrangement. Visually impressive – high wow factor! Made in England and other colours available.

Door Knobs Art Deco

Art Deco Door Knobs

If you have Art Deco doors then look no further for your Art Deco door knobs. These show the angular and stepped shapes typical of the time and are cast from period originals. Made in England in Nickel, Chrome or brass.

Door Knobs Burcote

Brass Door Knobs Burcote Swirl

New to our range these large swirly knobs are real eye catchers. Available in brass and soon to come in nickel.

Wood Door Knobs Villa

Wooden Door Knobs Villa Nickel Details

From our range of wood door knobs here are the Villas. They come in brass or polished nickel. The beehive detailing from the backplates is picked up in the central metal disc. Eye catching!

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