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Door Stops – Useful items to protect your walls from damage

August 21, 2014

Door Stop Floor Mounted
written by Vicki Bale


Door Stop Floor Mounted

Door Stop Floor Mounted in Iron & Pewter


Door stops are small and inexpensive items which provide protection to your walls and skirtings. They work by limiting the movement of doors when they are pushed open. Projecting door furniture can do serious damage to walls, so they are popular items.

Door stops are made in two styles and can be mounted on skirtings or on floors.

The projecting or pedestal type are basically a prong with a rubber end and these screw into the face of the skirting board. The second type are floor mounted stops which screw to the floor and you place them at the point where you wish to limit the opening of the door. They all have rubber stopper parts, so when the door hits they do not damage the door.

We have recently improved the range, with the introduction of black iron and pewter patina finish stops. We also have brass available on-line and nickel and other finishes can be made to order if you contact us.

To buy online please click on the links above.

In the images below from left are: Pedestal Door Stops in Iron & Pewter, Floor mounted door stop Pewter, Brass Door Stops Hooded and Pedestal.


Pedestal Door Stops Floor Mounted Door Stop PewterBrass Door Stops

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