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Escutcheons – How to Select them

March 2, 2013

Escutcheons In Nickel
written by Vicki Bale
Escutcheons In Nickel

Escutcheons in Polished Nickel


Escutcheons or key hole covers can often be forgotten when selecting door furniture. Escutcheons are both decorative and practical as they keep out draughts.

The word Escutcheon comes from an old French word derived from the Latin Scutum – a shield.

Whenever a lock hole is cut into a door, an escutcheon will be required. In most cases you will require one on each side of the door. If you have a surface mounted rim lock, you will only need an escutcheon on the non rim lock side of the door.

There are a raft of designs in our range, from plain to patterned and in a variety of finishes. Here are the steps you may need to consider before making your selection:

1. Do you have a normal standard keyhole shape? Some lock holes can be Euro lock shaped holes, but most are standard. If a Euro shape is required, please contact us as we can get these made, but only in a plain design.

2. How many holes do you need to cover? Normally you require 2 per door, one inside and one out.

3. Do you want Escutcheons with or without a cover? Some escutcheons are open, while others have a cover. The cover just needs to be pushed to one side so you can access the keyhole. We would suggest you have an escutcheon with cover on at least one side of the door, as these are great to prevent draughts.

4. How do I select a suitable design and finish? The design and finish is normally determined by the door knob. You may have existing door knobs or be selecting new. Let the door knobs be your guide. Go for the same finish and select a design which you think will suit. eg We have Brass Richmond Beehive Door Knobs and Brass Beehive Escutcheons, Wooden Bun Door Knobs and a plain wooden escutcheon to suit etc

If you need any advice on this topic please call 01746 712450 for assistance.

Pictured below from left are:

Art Deco Door Knobs and matching Art Deco Escutcheon, Wooden Escutcheons Beehive and plain, both match our wooden door knobs, Iron Escutcheons with and without covers, Brass Escutcheon Beehive and Brass Escutcheon The Lady, which goes with most door knobs.

Art Deco Door Knobs and Matching EscutcheonWooden EscutcheonsIron Escutcheons Brass Escutcheons


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