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Flush Door Handles & Pulls

October 10, 2019

Flush Ring Pull Brass
written by Vicki Bale



Flush Door Handles and Pulls

Flush fitting door handles and pulls are ideal for use on sliding or folding doors. These items are flat faced and therefore do not project like regular door handles and door knobs. To fit them, they must be mortised or cut into the door. They can be used on sliding cupboards and wardrobes or wherever space is limited and if you used a normal handle it would cause an obstruction.

There are three different pulls in our range:

  • A flush ring pull which is in the image at the top. This comes in several sizes and should be used where you want to pull a cupboard door or full size door towards you. They come in several different sizes.
  • A flush pull where your put your fingers into a recess, used to slide doors.
  • A Flush lock, this item connects to a door latch/lock and so works with a mechanism. The one show below has a lock hole cut in. If you have a latch only, it can be made without a hole and we have some other options too.

These items are all best quality and English made and come in a range of sizes and finishes. 

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