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Glass Cupboard Knobs Smooth Design

October 13, 2014

Glass Cupboard Knobs Smooth in Mixed Colours
written by Vicki Bale


Glass Cupboard Knobs Smooth

Glass Cupboard Knobs Smooth in lots of size and colour options.


Our glass cupboard knobs in smooth design are our most popular. These are English made, to the highest quality standards by a master glassmaker.

The smooth design is plain and a pleasing classic mushroom shape. It comes in a wide range of colours and sizes. It can run from 35mm up to 60mm in diameter. The colours, which can be either clear or frosted glass, are amber, green, clear, cobalt blue, turquoise blue and two shades of purple. Cupboard knobs like these can really add life to kitchens, chests of drawers and cupboard doors. Choose your cupboard knob colour to pick up a highlight colour from your furnishings.

The glass part is attached to a metal backing plate which can also be made in a number of finishes. The most popular are brass and nickel, but we can also do satin finishes, chrome and bronze. The metal part is swaged into position with the metal rolled over the glass for durability. Cheaper options are glued and over time this may fail.

These are timeless pieces which look stunning in a traditional or modern interior. If the smooth design is not for you, then please click here to take a look at the full range, as we have some superb designs which are more ornate and some other shapes in plain.

Here are a selection of the colours below:

Glass Cupboard Knobs BlueGlass Cupboard Knobs AmberGlass Cupboard Knobs Smooth in Mixed ColoursGlass Cupboard Knobs Green in 3 sizesGlass Cupboard Knobs in Frosted Blue Purple Glass Cupboard KnobsClear Glass Cupboard Knobs

















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