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Glass Door Knobs – Feeling Blue?

October 24, 2013

Blue Glass Door Knobs Ball
written by Vicki Bale
Blue Glass Door Knobs Ball

Glass Door Knobs Blue Ball Shape


If you have a room with blue or turquoise highlight colours, then why not consider some beautiful blue glass door knobs. We can offer a lovely royal blue or a sea like turquoise blue in either a clear or frosted glass. These would provide a real talking point for your room!

Perhaps you have a living room with blue in the furnishing fabric or carpet, a bedroom with blue in the duvet or throw, a bathroom with a blue theme or a blue kitchen. These glass door knobs provide just the finishing touch you need and they are unusual too. We have a wide variety of designs including Smooth, Whirl, Daisy, Ball and Chequerboard. The backplates can be done in a variety of finishes including polished nickel, satin nickel, polished chrome, satin chrome, unlacquered  brass and more. If you want, we can can even do one colour on one side and one on the other, over to you. These are made bespoke and would take about 2-4 weeks in manufacture.

Even more good news – they are made in England by a master glassmaker to the highest standards of quality. The down side is they are expensive – but they are worth it!

We also supply the same designs and colours in glass cupboard knobs, so you can do your drawers or small doors in a matching theme. If you are interested it is best to contact us by phone on 01746 712450 or e-mail vicki@priorsrec.co.uk with your specification. For more information click here.

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