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Glass Door Knobs & Glass Cupboard Knobs – Whirl Design

January 12, 2013

Glass Cupboard Knobs Whirl
written by Vicki Bale
Glass Cupboard Knobs Whirl

Glass Cupboard Knobs Whirl Clear and Frosted


We now have a wonderful range of handmade English made glass door knobs and glass cupboard knobs. For quality we challenge anyone to show us better!

One design we would like to feature in this blog is the Whirl. This is a classical looking design with folds of glass in a spiral arrangement. Not only do they look beautiful, but are also nice to turn and use. A pair of these on your door and we promise a talking point.

The Whirl is supplied as a pair of glass door knobs at 60mm diameter and also as a single cupboard knob from 40mm diameter. If you are looking to match within one room, a combination of the two is ideal. Glass knobs come in frosted or clear glass and in several superb colours. Backs can be in polished nickel or polished chrome plate, unlacquered brass and satin nickel and satin chrome plate. We can even make you a half and half pair, so, one colour for your hallway and the rear side colour to match your room.

If you want our pic – the frosted clear ones!

If the Whirl design is not for you, then we also do Chequerboard, Smooth, Daisy, Balloon, Oval and more. All styles can be made in door knobs or cupboard knobs.

Glass door knobs are all made to order in England and normally take about two weeks to supply.

Photographed below from left top row are:  Glass Door Knobs Whirl, Green, Amber, Cobalt Blue and Clear Frosted. Bottom row: Glass Cupboard Knobs Whirl Amber, Green, Clear.


Glass Door Knob Green WhirlGlass Door Knob Green WhirlGlass Door Knobs Whirl BlueGlass Door Knobs Clear Frosted







Glass Cupboard Knobs Whirl Amber

Glass Cupboard Knob Whirl GreenGlass Cupboard Knob Whirl Clear

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