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Glossary Of Terms – Window Furniture A-Z

June 22, 2010

Window Stays
written by Vicki Bale

Pewter Window Stays


There are lots of specialist terms to do with Window Furniture. Here is a listing of some of the ones we commonly use or come across. Hopefully this will help when shopping, but do contact us if you need assistance, as working out what is required for your windows can be tricky. Use the links to click directly to items and blogs on our website. Please contact us if an item you require is not available on-line also feel free to leave comments if there are any terms that we have missed.

Arm Fastener – A sash window fastener with an arm fixing, this type often has a decorative knob which helps you pull and push the arm to the open or closed position eg Beehive Sash Fastener Read more on our blog posting Sash Fasteners Arm Type

Brighton Fastener – A sash window fastener with a screw thread and knurled nut which is screwed tight to secure the window.

Casement Fastener – A window fastener for casement windows, they generally have a handle which turns to release or close a snib which secures in a keep. The keep sits on the window frame. If it sits on the face of the frame you need a hook plate if recessed into the edge of the window you need a mortise plate. Most casement fasteners use a mortise plate.

Casement Stay – Arm which allows the window to stay open. They come in 3 lengths – the shorter the arm the smaller the opening. There are holes in the arm which sit down on pins to secure. You select which pin to secure on according to how wide you want the window open.

Casement Window – A window which is hinged at the side and opens like a door either outwards or inwards. They can be single or in pairs with a common frame.

Claw Fastener – A sash window fastener which fixes into the keep with a claw hook.

Espagnolette Fastener – You need a special type of fastener to work with an espagnolette locking system. The fastener has a 7mm spindle in the back which fits into the espagnolette rod. We offer traditional looking espagnolette fasteners to use with these systems. These window fasteners can also be used with standard window locks which take a 7mm spindle.

Espagnolette Window Lock – Espagnolette locking systems are a modern method of locking a window in place and require a special type of casement fastener.

Fanlight Catch – A fitting to open or close a fanlight window. Not in our online catalogue but we can supply these, contact us for details.

Fanlight Stay – Window stays which restrict how far a fanlight window can open. Not in our on-line catalogue but we can supply these, contact us for details.

Fanlight Windows – These are windows which are hinged at the top or bottom, often found above doors or other windows. They are often semi-circular or semi-eliptical in shape with glazing bars radiating out like a fan.

Fitch Fastener – A sash window fastener with a rounded shape and a narrow keep, ideal for double glazed windows.

Handed Fastener – These are Casement Fasteners which work only one way, so they have to be ordered as a right hand or left handed fastener.

Keep – A receiver to secure a window fastener

Nickel Finish – Our nickel finish items are solid brass with a nickel plate applied. Items have a shiny silver look which should never be cleaned with any abrasive metal polish. Just an occasional rub over with a damp cloth will suffice.

Reversible Fastener – A casement fastener which can be spun around  so will work on either the left or right hand side of a window.

Sash Bar – A type of sash lift , an alternative to hooks or handles. It sits on the bottom rail of the window  and is used to move the window up and down. Often with decorative ends.

Sash Cord – The rope or chain which attaches the sash to the counter balancing sash weight.

Sash Lift – These are hooks, handles or bars that sit on the bottom rail of a sash window. You use these to help move the window up and down. Read more on our blog Sash Lift Hook

Sash Pole – A pole which enables you to open and close a top sash when it is out of reach. It has a hook fitted to the top which goes through the sash ring or sash eye which is fixed to the top sash.

Sash Stop – These are fitted to the top sash to restrict how far the window can open. There are two traditional designs a Weekes sash stop and a Bartholomew sash stop. We can supply a Weekes sash stop. It is not in our on-line catalogue so contact us for details.

Sash Weights – In older windows the concealed cast iron weights which counterbalance the sash.

Sash Window – Sash windows consist of 2 framed sections, one above the other which overlap at the dividing horizontal transom bar and slide vertically in a timber frame. The movement is controlled by weighted pulleys hidden behind the sides of the window frame. They were popular throughout the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras with styles, shapes and glazing treatments changing over the years.

Sash Window Fastener – A window fastener specially designed for a sash window. These fix the window in place in a locked position and when undone allow the window to slide up and down. There are several different designs of fastener, Brighton, Fitch, Arm or Claw. Refer to other glossary entries or see our Blog postings About Sash Window FurnitureBest Sash Window Fasteners for double glazing

Sliding Stay – A casement stay with an arm which slides in and out to open and close the window. It can be fixed in any position along the arm using a knob to lock it in place.

Unlacquered Brass – This is the traditional finish on all our brassware, both window furniture and door furniture – the way it used to be!  Modern brassware is often lacquered to maintain the shine, but even the highest quality lacquer will wear off in time, leaving horrid black spots on the brass. Our brassware has no lacquer so tarnishes naturally and may require a Brasso clean now and again to maintain a shine. Visit our blog to read more Unlacquered or Lacquered Brass

Vented Fastener or Night Vent Fastener – Casement fasteners which have a closed position and a vented position. The vented position allows airflow whilst the window remains secured. Locking night vent fasteners allow you to lock the window in a vented or closed position.

Window Hinges – Used only on Casement windows. These are like the butt hinges used for doors and come in a variety of qualities and sizes.

The photos below show Sash Window fasteners, an espagnolette fastener and casement stays.

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