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Gothic Style Door Handles – Product Feature

November 12, 2014

Door Handles Gothic Pewter Patina
written by Vicki Bale


Door Handles Gothic Pewter Patina

Door Handles Gothic Pewter Patina


This range of lever handles is named after the pointed arch shaped backplate, reminiscent of Gothic architecture. The handle is quite plain with a notched and pointed end, details which add to the handsome Gothic look. There are a number of different door handle variants in this range which we will cover below. We have a Gothic handle for all your internal and external doors.

Gothic Lever Lock Set – Ideal for a front door or entrance door. It has a standard lock hole in the backplate and works with our heavy duty sash lock.

Gothic Lever Latch Set – This allows the Gothic handle style to be used all through the house, the backplate has no keyhole. Use with our heavy duty latch 65mm.

Gothic Lever Bathroom Set – This bathroom set comes with a fitted thumb turn set into the backplate. You can release this in an emergency from the front side. Use in conjunction with a bathroom mortise lock.

Gothic Euro Lock Set – The Euro version of the door handles which is designed for use with a Euro sash lock and Euro cylinder.

Gothic Lever Espagnolette Lock Set – An espagnolette version of the handles which is designed for use with multi point locking systems. The handle allows for the upwards locking movement.

Some of the above variants are available with a softer looking curved handle. These include the Lever lock, lever latch, Bathroom set and Espagnolette Lock set.

Finishes include black powder coated iron and pewter patina, both are suitable for internal or external use and wax finish which is for internal use.

Most of these door handles are available to order on-line, but if not please contact us as we can supply them all. They are normally available on a next day fast delivery. If iron or pewter is not the finish for you then take a look at our full range by clicking here.

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Door Handles Iron Lever Latch GothicGothic Euro Lock Door Handles

Door Handles Gothic Curved Pewter Patina

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    Dorothy says:

    Why don’t you show your prices?
    It would be good to give an idea.

    Vicki Bale says:

    Hello Dorothy,
    Thanks for contacting us. You are on our blog which is not our shop. To go to the the shop, where there are images, prices and descriptions, just click on the links in the article or on the shop icons top right of the page you are viewing. We don’t put the prices on the blog as we have over 200 articles and if prices change it would be hard to keep up to date.
    If there is any specific help you need, please don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail.