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How to Clean Polished Chrome (or Nickel) Door Furniture and Bathroom Accessories

April 27, 2016

Art Deco Letter Plate
written by Vicki Bale
Art Deco Letter Plate

Art Deco Letter Plate Polished Chrome


Polished chrome is a good finish for door furniture and bathroom accessories and is white/silver with a mirror like shine. It does not tarnish and will remain shiny with little cleaning. Chrome is our most popular finish for bathroom accessories due to the colour being at the whiter end of silver, throwing a fresh look for bathrooms. It was also a popular finish during the Art Deco period. Our range of Art Deco door furniture and window fittings sells well in polished chrome.

The main issue with maintenance is finger marks, which can show especially on long smooth surfaces.

Keep in mind when cleaning that chrome or nickel is a plated finish over a brass base. Once you rub away the plate, the brass will show through. It will last much longer if you minimise rubbing and NEVER use any abrasive metal polishes.

There are three ways to clean your chrome or nickel items:

1. Use your breath and buff with a soft cloth.

2. Use soap and water, wipe over thoroughly, let it dry off and buff with a soft cloth. If you are in a sea air location, it is good to give it a wash off fairly regularly to clear any salty deposits. In a bathroom, this would be the main method of cleaning and you should not need to resort to stage 3 below.

3. Invest in a product called Autosol. This is a specially formulated mild polish for cleaning plated surfaces and is used by classic car buffs to polish their chrome bumpers etc! Autosol will remove any marks which you cannot remove by the first two methods. This should not be used regularly and only as a spot cleaner. It is readily available on-line if you Google it.

The instructions above also apply to polished nickel.

In the images below from left, Extending shaving mirror, bath rack and Art Deco door handles.

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Shaving Mirror Extendable ChromeChrome Bath Rack Art Deco Door Handles Chrome

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