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Ideas for Revamping Traditional Front Doors

September 24, 2014

Georgian Front Doors with Nickel Door Furniture
written by Vicki Bale
Georgian Front Doors with Nickel Door Furniture

Georgian Front Doors Black with Nickel Door Furniture


If you are thinking of giving your front door a new look, then how will you go about it?

A really great way to get inspiration is to use Pinterest and we have three boards to give you ideas, which currently feature over 200 doors – one is Georgian Doors, one is Victorian doors and the other board is a miss mash of period doors. There are so many paint colours to choose from and looking at our boards can help you decide.

Door furniture choices are an important part of the final look and our Pinterest doors feature door furniture too, so you can see the finished article. You can view different letter plate sizes and styles, different door knob and door knocker designs and the positioning of items on the door. View simple plain items or more decorative ones and in different finishes – the choice is yours. If you need assistance with your door furniture then feel free to contact us on 01746 712450.

Use these links below to connect to Pinterest.

Victorian Doors and Door Furniture

Georgian Doors and Door Furniture

Nice Period Front Doors and Door Furniture


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