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Iron Door Furniture – Beeswax Finish

April 29, 2010

Iron T Hinges Penny and Arrowhead
written by Vicki Bale

Iron T-Hinges in a wax finish


Many customers ask about the difference between the finishes on our black ironmongery. Simply the wax finish is recommended for internal use  and the powder coated finish for external use. Click here to view Iron Door Furniture – Powder Coated blog article.

The iron door furniture and window furniture treated with beeswax has a most authentic and rustic look. The wax imparts a a subtle matt richness to the metal. It gives excellent protection where products are fitted internally. If you wish to fit these products externally for authenticity, we do all our door knockers, iron hinges, letter plates, black door knobsblack door handles and escutcheons in a wax finish. With the effects of weather the wax coating may rub off and thus expose the metal to the elements. This is when you will get some rusting and you will need to maintain as suggested below.

Sometimes because of temperature changes your product may have a white bloom. If this is the case we recommend you polish it with a soft cloth to restore the finish.

Where wax finish black ironmongery is fitted into damp areas eg bathrooms or externally it has the potential to exhibit a surface rust and reddening. In such situations we recommend you rub with a OO grade wire wool and re-apply a wax, we sell maintenance wax if you require it, or you can use a traditional wax polish eg Fiddes or Briwax. If you are doing a large building project, do not fit ironmongery until plaster and concrete has fully dried out.

Powder coated and wax finishes on our  iron door furniture products are offered at the same selling price.

Click on the images of our ‘From The Anvil’ iron hinges, suffolk latches and iron hooks to link to the products on our site.

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