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Iron Door Furniture – Powder Coated Finish

April 28, 2010

Iron Door Handles Monkey tail
written by Vicki Bale

Iron Lever Handles Monkey Tail in a powder coated finish


Many customers ask about the difference between the finishes on our black ironmongery. Simply the wax finish is recommended for internal use and the powder coated finish for external use. To go to the blog article about the wax finish click here.

The powder coating provides an attractive durable corrosion resistant finish. This traditional black finish can last for many years so it is an excellent low maintenance option for exterior ironmongery applications.

There are many general advantages to using the powder coating process over conventional paints. For instance it contains no solvents so is kinder to the environment, overspray can be reused, it doesn’t run and provides a tough coating.

Many items in the From The Anvil range of Black door furniture are available in the powder coated finish, Iron hinges and black door handles, black door knobs and suffolk latches, letter plates and iron door knockers.

Maintainance is easy and an occasional wipe with a damp cloth will suffice.

Powder coated and wax finishes on our  iron door furniture products are offered at the same selling price.

Click on the images of our black door handles, door knocker and letter plate to link to the products on our site.

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