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October 18, 2014

Pinterest Georgian Doors & Door Furniture
written by Vicki Bale


Priors Pinterest Boards

Priors Pinterest Boards


We are active on Pinterest and have 37 boards and we are well on the way to 2500 pins!

We are able to pin images to themed boards. These boards allow us to show off our products, but what is really useful is that you can view our products (or similar ones) in use, so you can see exactly what things will look like.  You can also Pin images and create your own themed boards. Some examples:

Front Door Furniture

We have over 200 images of door furniture on front doors, split over three boards. The boards are themed, Georgian Front Door Furniture, Victorian Doors and Door Furniture, Nice Period Front Doors and Door Furniture. On the boards, we have pins of doors in various styles and colours along with pins of our letter plates, door knockers and door knobs. You can use these boards to help decide what colour you want your door painted, as well as viewing door furniture on doors to determine style, finish and the positioning of items on the door.

Cupboard Knobs

Selecting cupboard knobs for kitchens, bathrooms and other pieces around the house can be difficult. The choice is huge, different shapes, styles, materials and sizes. It is all in the detail and these little items can make such a difference to the finished look. Even if you buy samples, you still can’t tell what they will look like when they are fitted en mass and the effect they will have on the look of your kitchen. On Pinterest we are able to pin our products but also lots of other images of kitchens with similar looking cupboard knobs. We have over 400 images across 6 boards. Lots of kitchens in many styles and colours, with all sorts of cupboard knobs and drawer pulls. There are also bathroom units and chests of drawers. This is such a great way to help make your selection.

Door Hooks

We have a board Lots of Hooks and here you can get ideas on different hooks and what they look like. A very popular one is our iron hat and coat hook and you can see these used in many creative ways.

Pinterest is a great resource and inspiration for home interiors, ideal if you are doing renovations or updating a room. Create your own themes and mood boards and see what things look like before you take the plunge and start spending.

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Pinterest Georgian Doors & Door Furniture  Pinterest Brass Cupboard Knobs Lots of Door Hooks


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