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Kitchen Cupboard Knobs- Some tips on how to select them

February 11, 2014

written by Vicki Bale
Nickel Kitchen Cupboard Knobs

Nickel Cupboard Knobs – Lots of shapes and sizes


If you have had an expensive kitchen installed and you have carefully looked at plans and finishes and chosen your new appliances, then you need to give some consideration to the cupboard knobs and drawer handles. The knobs and handles you select can really set the kitchen off. If you get it wrong, you can have a different problem! Ouch! Equally, changing cupboard knobs is a great way to give your kitchen a facelift and a fresh look. We recently did this in our own kitchen and it worked really well. Here are some tips to help you get this tricky decision right.


Perhaps the first thing to consider is the finish. There are several places to look for your inspiration. Look at the finishes you have for work surfaces, your drawers and doors, floors, accessories such as toasters and kettles. You can also look to your soft furnishings e.g. blinds, curtains, chairs to give you a lead. We have black iron, Pewter patina, solid brass, polished nickel, porcelain and glass cupboard knobs. We are also able to get brushed or satin finishes on some lines. All of which have their place in the many types of kitchen that are out there. If you want to introduce some colour, you could consider our range of glass cupboard knobs.

Style of your Kitchen

The style of your kitchen needs to be considered. Have you got a rustic, cottage style kitchen? If so, you may want to look at black iron and more rustic looking finishes. If you have a more contemporary look, you may want something quite plain. In a Victorian house, you may want to look at Beehive cupboard knobs or traditional desk style drawer pulls.

Pull Handles or Cupboard Knobs

You can select round cupboard knobs which bolt from the rear. The bolts can be cut to size to suit your door/drawer thickness. They come in a variety of sizes. We have a wide range of round shapes from plain to quite fancy in style. Another choice is to have a drawer pull handle which would have two fixing points and you wrap your fingers around the handle. Another choice is a traditional drawer pull which you push your fingers up to pull the drawer. You may want to go for a combination e.g. Cupboard Knobs for drawers and pulls for doors. Some of our products are made to be combined.

Decorative or Plain

We have everything from plain to decorative. Hand beaten details, beehive rings, art deco, decorative glass including whirls, daisy and chequerboard designs. Unusual shapes include a mini Acorn, The Tap and Half Moon. In plain, we have round shapes, ovals – so many choices! Pulls can be plain with reeded or beaten detailing. The drawer pulls are all plain but in either rectangular or rounded shapes.

Size of Cupboard Knobs

This is a difficult one. A good way to asses this is to take a look at the old ones and use this as a starting point. You may also need to consider the projection (i.e. how far they stick out). Another way to asses the size is to cut a paper template and stick this to the cupboard or door.  This certainly gives you a good idea and may help you eliminate some options. All the kitchen knobs and pulls on our website have the dimensions clearly stated. You may be able to rule some options out by using these suggestions.

Once you have considered all the above factors you will be well on the way to making your shortlist. Before you buy, we recommend ordering a few samples. There is nothing like seeing the real thing in situ.

The images below show, iron pull handles hand forged, a selection of brass cupboard knobs and pewter drawer pulls.

We look forward to helping you. Call us on 01746 712450 if you would like to discuss anything.

Iron Pull Handles From The Anvil

brass cupboard knobsPewter Finish Drawer Pulls

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