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Listed Property Owners Club

April 20, 2013

Listed Property Owners Club
written by Vicki Bale
Listed Property Owners Club

The Listed Property Owners Club


The Listed Property Owners Club is an excellent organisation for owners of listed properties and is also ideal for anyone doing up an old property.

They provide practical information on property maintenance, guidance on grants, loans, VAT, insurance etc and also act as a pressure group to change views and laws that affect ownership.

The clubs magazine, Listed Heritage, is published in full colour every other month. Content includes examples of conversions and restoration projects, members letters, advice and information. There is a suppliers directory to help you find the specialist suppliers you made need to complete your project, from Architects to Surveyors, from Dry Rot Specialists to Roofing Specialist, from door and window makers to stonemasons. All suppliers in the directory have to supply two references and have traded for more than two years.  In the magazine they also have featured events which may of interest to readers, such as training courses, lectures and fairs. Listed Heritage is the insider’s guide to listed property ownership.

A telephone helpline is at your disposal when you need help to discuss problems that you meet, particularly in the planning stages of a project. They can also help you to understand the VAT implications.

The Listed Property Show which is held every year at London’s Olympia brings together the industry’s best. Find experts on listed property regulations, have a chat with conservation officers and meet with architects and planners. You can also track down that specialist builder or supplier of bathrooms, doors, paints, flooring and more.

For more information, please take a look at their website Listed Property Owners Club or call 01795 844939

We hope you find this article useful and that it has pointed you in the right direction for a huge bank of information and resources. If it is door furniture, window furniture or bathroom accessories that you need help with, we will hopefully be able to offer the advice and right products for your renovation.

Listed Property Owners Club


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