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New Look Front Door and Door Furniture For Spring

April 23, 2014

Black front door with our nickel door furniture
written by Vicki Bale
Black front door with our nickel door furniture

Black front door with our nickel door furniture


With the onset of Spring, why not consider revamping your front door and door furniture? Smarten up your house from the front, your door and door furniture say something about you and the style of your house. Paint those railings, scrub the path, kill the weeds, clean the windows and add some plants or hanging baskets.

Select a nice new shade for your front door. There are some lovely paint colours about, perhaps from Little Greene or Farrow and Ball. Subtle blues, a striking pillar box red or something dark in navy, green or black.

If your door knobs, door knocker and letter plate are all looking the worse for wear, then you can try giving them a good clean and revamp. How successful you will be, will depend on the quality and finish of the items. If you have lacquered brass, it will show black spots and marks and will not be able to be cleaned. Bin it and get some unlacquered brass which will last forever! If you have black iron and it is rusty, it can be cleaned up with wire wool and re-painted. If you have polished chrome or nickel, try soap and water and if this does not bring it up well, try investing in a product called Autosol which will refresh the look of the plate. Unlacquered brass can be polished with Brasso or metal polish. If all else fails, then you can buy new from our period ranges!

A great way to get inspiration for change is to use Pinterest images. You can see literally hundreds of doors in all styles and colours and with all sorts of different front door furniture. Have a look through and use our boards for guidance. Increasingly we find customers sending us an image and asking us to replicate the look. Also, we are happy to receive an image from you neighbours house or from another door in your street which you particularly like.

Good luck with the Spring clean!

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