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New Pewter Door Handles – Avon

March 3, 2011

Pewter Lever Lock Set Avon
written by Vicki Bale
Pewter Lever Lock Set Avon

Pewter Lever Lock Set Avon


We have recently introduced a new range in the Pewter Door Handles, this more contemporary style is called Avon.

The handles are available as a lever lock set, a lever latch set (no lock hole) available on-line, or a bathroom lock (call us to order).

These differ slightly, not only in their look from the other pewter door handles, but also because they are sprung. An innovative design of this range of door handles has allowed for a spring to be seated behind the handles. This means the door handles will easily spring back to horizontal.

The rest of the range of both our iron and pewter door handles are unsprung so rely solely on the strength of the spring within the latch/lock mechanism.

We hope you agree these are an attractive new addition and early sales are encouraging.

Pictured below from left are the Lever Lock set, the Lever Latch set and the the Bathroom Door Handles.

Door Handles Pewter PatinaDoor Handles Pewter Patina LatchBathroom Door Handles Pewter

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