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Door Furniture & Window Furniture in Nickel & Brass – Price Increases

March 21, 2011

Large Door Knobs Bloxwich
written by Vicki Bale
Large Door Knobs Bloxwich

Large Door Knobs Bloxwich in Nickel and Brass - Going up!


Just a reminder that this is the last week of current prices. Most Brass Door Furniture, Nickel Door Furniture, Brass Window Furniture and Nickel Window Furniture will be increasing in price during April.

This is due to the spiralling cost of copper which is the main metal in the alloy which makes up brass. All the nickel plating is done over a brass base which is why this is on the rise. Also the nickel used in plating is going up in price too. See our previous posting Price Increases – Brass Door Furniture & Window Furniture

The will affect all door furniture items in nickel and brass including, door knobs, door handles, escutcheons, door bells, door knockers, letter plates. All items in nickel and brass window furniture including, sash lifts, sash window fasteners, casement window stays and casement window fasteners.

We really do not want to increase prices, especially in such tough times but when raw materials spiral, it has to be done!

Get your orders in this week if you can! All orders placed before April 1st will be honoured at current prices.

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