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About Nickel and Nickel Plate

April 26, 2010

Letter Plate in Nickel
written by Vicki Bale

Nickel Plate on a letter plate


Any of our brass door furniture or window furniture can be nickel plated. This gives a striking shiny silver finish to the metal.  It’s corrosion resistant properties make nickel an ideal finish for front door furniture and bathroom door furniture and fittings. Not only does it look good, it hardly ever needs cleaning.

Nickel is a silvery hard, ductile metal, used in alloys, corrosion resistant surfaces and electroplating. Nickel is to be found in magnets, coinage (hence the US coin a nickel) batteries and electric guitar strings.

The name Nickel originates from the German word ‘Kupfernickel’ meaning false copper from the deceptive copper colour of the ore. Nickel was discovered by Baron Axel Frederick Cronstadt in 1751. In 1850’s nickel was used in plating but we are not sure when it was used or how popular it was for door furniture or window furniture. If anyone out there knows anything more, do leave a comment. For more information on nickel plating click the link to go to another blog post.

Nickel plate is enjoying quite a noticeable rise in popularity and if there is such a thing as fashion in traditional door furniture, this is it!!

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