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Period Door Knobs – Four Different Types Explained

December 11, 2014

Brass Door Knobs Bloxwich
written by Vicki Bale
Brass Door Knobs Bloxwich

Different Types of Brass Door Knobs Bloxwich Design



In our range we have four different types, we only deal with antique and period door knobs. There are even more options if you are looking for modern ones.

Mortise Door Knobs

These are pairs of door knobs with an interconnecting spindle. The spindle goes into the back of one door knob, through the latch or lock and then into the back of the other door knob. Spindles are normally plain, 8mm square section and designed to  be used with a metric lock or latch. The backplates are fixed to the rest of the door knob and are screwed to the face of the door. Mortise knobs cannot be used with rim locks. e.g. Classic Oval, Classic Round, Sea Urchin, Art Deco.

Rim Door Knobs

Pairs of door knobs designed for use with a rim lock or latch, a surface mounted box which sits on the face of the door. These were used in days gone by for decoration and sometimes because doors were too thin to have the latch or lock set into the edge of the door. Backplates are loose and not fixed to the door knob part which enables one to be discarded on the rim lock side. Rim door knobs are screwed to the face of the door, the spindles are generally threaded and with a grub screw which sits down into a groove or channel in the spindle. Most of our Rim door knobs can be used with mortise lock and latches, but cannot be used as a single door knob as they would just fall off e.g. Richmond Beehive, Bloxwich, Cottage Knobs and all Wooden Door Knobs.

Centre Door Knobs or Door Pulls

A single knob designed as the centrepiece of a door, these are fixed in position and do not turn. A trend from the Georgian era, where the large six panel front doors of the time would have a statement centre knob or door pull handle. This would normally sit in the middle of the horizontal centre panel or on the vertical panel above the letter plate. The fixing bolt has a brass finishing cap and goes from the rear side of the door through a drilled hole and tightens into the thread in the back of the knob e.g. Octagonal Centre Knob, Lion Centre Knob.

Cupboard Knobs

These are single knobs designed to bolt from the rear, in a similar manner to the door pull. Cupboard knobs come in sizes from 20mm to 60mm in diameter. Large ones can be used as pull knobs on full size doors with access from one side e.g. Cupboard Doors, Cellar doors etc. Smaller ones are ideal for kitchen and bathroom cabinets and chests of drawers.

We have lots of different finishes and designs from different eras. We hope you can find the right ones for your requirements. Please call us for further assistance on 01746 712450.

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