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Pewter Pull Handles for Kitchen Cupboards and Drawers

October 22, 2014

Pewter Kitchen Drawer Pulls
written by Vicki Bale


Pewter Kitchen Drawer Pulls

Selection of our Pewter Drawer Pulls


Pull handles are door handles which do not turn and do not need a latch mechanism. They generally bolt from behind, but the more rustic looking ones face fix.

The pewter finish is a silvery grey colour which looks excellent on all sorts of surfaces and finishes, from lacquers to natural wood. We like them best on painted cupboards and cabinets, especially on pale blues, greys and greens.

Most of our drawer pulls come in several sizes, so you can mix them to suit. You can also combine handles with pewter cupboard knobs, which is a great look for the kitchen where you have various cupboard door and drawer sizes. Some pewter pulls give a rustic look for example, Bean, Gothic and Hammered which have a beaten surface and are hand forged. Others provide a more contemporary look for example, Plain and Shell designs.

When selecting handles, you have to make your choice of design and size. These can be difficult decisions because the cabinet fittings will effect the look of the kitchen and it is all in the detail! It is advisable to purchase samples first and then make your choice. We also have lots of Pinterest boards which can help too.

Please contact us if you need assistance on 01746 712450 or vicki@priorsrec.co.uk

Pewter Pull Handle PlainPewter Drawer Pull HammeredPewter Drawer Pull HammeredPewter Drawer Pull Plain








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    KAT EVANS says:

    we are looking for pewter effect as we have to try and match up x10 extra handles similiar to what we have but can get away with adding the new kitchen handles in a slightly / complimentary style but longer handle for a larder style kitchen doors
    interested in some ive seen …need measuremnts and prices
    kat evans

    Vicki Bale says:

    Please go to our website http://www.priorsrec.co.uk
    Click Interior Fittings/cupboard Knobs/Pewter cupboard knobs for the selection.