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Priors Are Raising Money For Scleroderma In Memory Of Martin Foley

April 2, 2014

Martin Foley Charity Fund
written by Vicki Bale


Martin Foley Charity Fund

Martin Before Scleroderma


Priors will donate £1 from every transaction to this cause.

If you would like to donate and every little bit helps, go to Martin’s page Just Giving

My husband and joint founder of Priors passed away in November after a 12 year struggle with the rare and horrible disease Scleroderma. I am working with my family to raise as much as we can for this great cause during 2014 in Martin’s memory. We hope he would be proud of us.

Never heard of Scleroderma? Neither had we until Martin was diagnosed with the condition over 12 years ago by a very clever consultant who was determined to get to the bottom of his health problems. He said, “you have Scleroderma, good luck with that!”

Scleroderma (which comes from the Greek meaning ‘hard skin’) is a connective tissue disease that affects the skin and other major internal organs. Excess collagen is laid down in these organs which in turn results in scarring and reduced normal function of the affected organs.

Martin had the disease in his small bowel and oesopagus. The walls of his digestive system gradually lost their push over the years, and eventually he became unable to eat. He suffered constant bouts of sickness, coupled with terrible indigestion and was incredibly resiliant and brave.

Although he had incredible support and medical care, it is a rare condition which the medics know very little about. To be diagnosed with Scleroderma is a voyage into the unknown and it makes the condition even more difficult to live with.

Significant advances have been made into the understanding of the condition but precise causes are not fully understood. Much more research is needed to help sufferers of Scleroderma. We want to do our bit to raise money for more research and to help others who suffer. In August I am riding in the Prudential 100 cycle for team Scleroderma and I hope to raise lots of money. If you would like to sponsor me or to give to this charity here is Martin’s Just Giving page.

About The Scleroderma Society
If you want to learn more about the disease go to https://www.sclerodermasociety.co.uk. There are about 8,000 sufferers in the UK with many more undiagnosed. This is not a large faceless charity and there is no government funding. Money is used as below:
Our services include a free helpline, an annual conference, a network of local groups across the UK, a members’ assistance fund, an online discussion forum, a popular quarterly newsletter and an extensive range of literature on scleroderma. (Martin used the helpline when he was first diagnosed and received the quarterly newsletter, which he read in depth of course!)
Scleroderma is a rare condition and we strive to increase awareness among the general public and the medical profession to improve early diagnosis and prognosis. We participate in World Scleroderma Awareness Day, we attend relevant medical conferences in the UK and worldwide and we participate in the work of FESCA (the Federation of European Scleroderma Associations).
There is as yet no cure for scleroderma and the exact causes of the disease are still unknown. The Society, its volunteers and fundraisers, raise vital funds used for scientific and medical research into the causes and possible treatments for scleroderma.

If you would like to donate and every little bit helps go to Martin’s page Just Giving

Martin Foley



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