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Reclaimed Flooring – Original Pine Floorboards

June 14, 2010

Reclaimed Pine Flooring
written by Vicki Bale

Reclaimed Flooring – Original Pine Floorboards


We cleared all our reclaimed flooring in 2012 and we now concentrate on door furniturewindow furniture and bathroom accessories. All traditional in style and best quality. Click here to go to our home page.


Original pine floorboards are an important part of our reclaimed flooring range. These are boards which have had a life as a floorboard for around a hundred years or more so were laid in the Victorian or Edwardian era.

These are lifted from old houses, churches and civic buildings by skilled demolition teams. We never buy boards which have come from factories or mills, even though there are many about (often offered at very cheap prices!). Any reclaimed flooring which has come from such sources should be avoided as it may be impregnated with oil and chemicals and should not be re-used.

Once reclaimed pine floorboards are lifted, they have to be stacked and transported, then they are de-nailed and trimmed before they can be offered for sale. Our boards are properly stacked and handled and stored inside. Boards are generally square edge. We are often asked for tongue and groove, but these are rarely reclaimed, tongues snap off easily and thus the flooring is ruined. Victorian pine floorboards are generally 5-7″ in the width with thickness 3/4-7/8″. Wider boards than this would probably be Georgian and in random widths 5-12″, these are rare and expensive! Board lengths are random and can be from 3-16 feet, but batches vary. We hardly ever see floors which have been laid in one length across the room.

We leave the surface on the reclaimed pine floorboards untouched. Often Victorian Pine Floorboards would be shellaced (a dark treacly varnish). Remember the Victorians hardly ever left pine in its natural state, doors and skirtings were always painted or dark varnished. Pine flooring was covered with rugs, then shellaced around the perimeter to make it look like oak. This means when buying reclaimed pine that in some batches you may get some boards clean and some shellaced and some boards will even be partially shellaced. We do not knowingly sell infested timber but it is always good practice to treat reclaimed timber flooring with a wood preservative treatment.

When offered for sale the board surface is as it was when it came off the demolition ie dirty and dusty, so to buy requires a leap of faith and some imagination! They can be lightly sanded to clean them up for a rustic look, with old nail holes, marks and scars from their past life or they can be more aggressively sanded and old nail holes filled. Note that if you wish to do the latter you may be better off purchasing re-sawn pine floorboards.

Originals give a lived in and authentic look which will be good for many years if finished and maintained properly. Please view the pictures below of our reclaimed flooring.

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    Adam says:

    I am looking for reclaimed pine floorboard, 5” x 7/8”
    If you have 20 Sq Yds in stock please could you let me know if it is :-
    – de-nailed (or not)
    – unsanded (or sanded)
    – tongue & groove (or not)
    – price inc. VAT and delivery to Chester
    Many thanks

    Vicki says:

    Hello Adam, The closest we can get is 5 1/2 inch x 1″ or we can also do 6-6 3/4 x 7/8″. All original boards are de-nailed and trimmed, unsanded and square edged. If interested please call us and we can discuss your requirements and price and cost delivery. Look forward to hearing.

    Vicki says:

    Hi Carol
    Thanks for the blog posting but we are not interested in such a small quanitity.

    annette says:

    Hi I have a victorian house and want to replace some of the floorboards. Do you have any relaimed pine boards that are 170-175 ml approx 6 3/4inches wide.Ifso could i visit to see them thanks in antiicpation

    Vicki says:

    Hello Annette, yes we do have some original boards around this size. If you would like to visit please call 01746 712450 to arrange a time.

    Nicola Platt says:

    Please could you let me know where your base is as I would like to visit. I am looking at sanding the original floorboards of my boys bedroom but there are a couple of broken floorboards where the central heating was fotted. I am only looking at buying a couple of planks is this possible.

    Thank you


    Vicki says:

    Yes this is possible. We are in Shropshire. Our contact page on the website has all the info you need to contact us. Thanks Vicki