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Reclaimed Flooring – Reclaimed Pine Re-Sawn

June 10, 2010

Reclaimed Pine Re-Sawn from antique beams
written by Vicki Bale

Reclaimed Flooring – Reclaimed Pine Re-Sawn



 We cleared all our reclaimed flooring in 2012 and we now concentrate on door furniturewindow furniture and bathroom accessories. All traditional in style and best quality. Click here to go to our home page.

One of the most popular sources for reclaimed pine flooring is old pine joists. These can be found in old buildings such as schools, hospitals, houses and civil buildings. Typically these are the beams which form the upper floors, in some large buildings there can be hundreds of joists. Mostly joists are 7″, 9″ or less commonly 11″ in the width, about 10-11 feet in length and 2-3″ thick. Most of them will have been in use for a hundred years or more.

These are carefully reclaimed and taken off the demolition, then each joist has to be de-nailed. There can be lots of nails and sometime bolts in them too. This is an arduous and labour intensive job. Once completed a metal detector is run over them as a final check. If the saw hits a nail it will break the blade (expensive!) so this is an important and time consuming process.

Once this is completed the joist is ready to be run through the saw and then planed ready for use. For reclaimed flooring these are generally cut 7/8″ in thickness, so we generally can get 2 or 3 boards out of one joist. Newly machined timber is always at its lightest colour wise and once in use will mellow with the effect of natural light.

Reclaimed pine makes lovely floors. It must not be confused with today’s quickly grown, forced new pine. Reclaimed pine is from slower growing trees , well seasoned , having been in use for many years,  much heavier, tighter grained and hard wearing. It is a good alternative to old pine floorboards which we call ‘Originals” (ones which have had their past existence as a floorboard). Originals have the old surface from their life as a floorboard and many more  nail holes. We recommend Originals if you want a really rustic look and don’t want to do much sanding. If you intend to sand off the old surface, then consider re-sawn pine flooring instead,as the surface is already planed and clean and needs only a light sand.

We have supplied many hundreds of square metres of re-sawn reclaimed pine flooring over the years. Customer feedback is always positive on its appearance and durability. Please see the pictures below and click the link to our Reclaimed Flooring webpage for more details and prices.

We also use this reclaimed pine to make our Victorian doors and Cottage doors .This ensures they are as authentic as possible, both in construction and appearance. Please click on the links here to move to the webpages for more details and prices – Victorian Doors, Cottage Doors.

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