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Rim Lock Large – Product Feature

January 7, 2014

Brass Rim Lock Large
written by Vicki Bale
Brass Rim Lock Large

Brass Rim Lock Large


There are two ways of getting knobs to turn in a lock or latch. You can have the mechanism set into the edge of the door so only the plates on the edge of the door and frame are visible, known as a mortise lock or latch. The other way is to use a surface mounted box called a rim lock.

Rim locks are attractive and decorative and what many doors looking back in time would have had. The downside of a rim lock is that they are internal locks and do not conform to British Standards for insurance purposes. Rim locks are surface mounted and therefore can always we removed or pulled off the surface of a door. If you use a rim lock on an external door, which you can do, you must have another security lock eg Yale or Chubb on the door. Rim locks with door knobs are also more expensive than having mortise latches and door knobs.

The rim lock we have featured here is our Large rim lock which comes with two hand finished solid brass keys. It comes in three finishes, iron with brass details, solid brass or antique nickel plate. The rim lock case is copied from a Victorian original and over two years of development work went into it, to get every detail right. The keys have a four way entry, which means that the key can enter from front or rear and the lock can be turned over and used on the left or right side of the door. The door knobs for a rim lock are slightly different from normal mortise knobs and the ones we like best on this rim lock are the cottage knobs (shown in the images) in the medium size. These are plain and look very good on the lock. If you want something more fancy then look at the Richmond Beehive door knobs or the Georgian Bloxwich door knobs.

We also have a selection of plain rim locks, called the Albert range and we have several different bathroom rim locks which work with a snib bolt rather than a key.

The three finishes are shown below. From left Iron, Nickel, Brass.

Iron Rim Lock LargeNickel Rim Lock Largebrass rim lock large








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