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Rosehead Nails – Ways to Use Them

September 5, 2014

Strange Uses for Rosehead Nails
written by Vicki Bale
Strange Uses for Rosehead Nails

Strange Uses for Rosehead Nails


Our rosehead nails are available in 5 sizes. These are old fashioned nails with a decorative head and finished with black oxide. They are used for all sorts of jobs. Most commonly for making cottage style doors, where nails are set in decorative patterns to nail the ledges, also for floors and for all kinds of decorative purposes.

The latest use we have seen is to decorate a glove. See the shot above which was the winner of a From the Anvil photo competition.

They are sold in 1 kilo packs and you can purchase by clicking this link – Rosehead Nails. Three sizes are available on-line and for the other two please give us a call on 01746 712450.

To view our full range of nails and studs click this link Nails and Studs


Rosehead NailsRosehead NailsRosehead Nails on an oak door

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